Werewolf Wednesday Recap

Shapeshifter_Chart2Each Wednesday for the last year has been #WerewolfWednesday — a celebration of the werewolf. While it has been fun, this is my last #WerewolfWednesday post, as I explore new topics in the coming year.

So, for the last post, I recap a few of the highlights from the many posts about werewolves.

These WMichael_Pare_430erewolves are Silver Foxes

An early post looked at men who played werewolves in iconic roles and where they are today.

The Wolf in Language

I spent many #WerewolfWednesdays looking at how the wolf has entered into popular sayings, such as wolf whistle, keep the wolf from the door, and wolf down one’s food. HUNGRY WOLF

Werewolf Travel Destinations

It’s true — I even spent a bit of time telling you about various destinations that borrow their names from the werewolf.

Add to Your Werewolf Shopping List

On more than one occasion, i found great buys for werewolf lovers.

Test Your Werewolf Knowledge

Image from: http://eofdreams.com/photo/werewolf/05/
Image from: http://eofdreams.com/photo/werewolf/05/

I directed you to a few quizzes around the web. I also gave you the opportunity to learn what it meant if a werewolf appears in your dreams. And then, there were a few posts on the history of werewolf folklore. And, for those who like old texts, we discussed who wrote the book on werewolves.

I also offered my own, difficult survival quiz.

Turn Yourself into a Werewolf

Nah, not with spells— with great costume tips for Halloween!

The Power of the Moon

A recent post looked at the importance of the moon and explored some cultures’ names for the glowing sister orb of the sun.

EOE Shape Shifter Lover 

I even broke with #WerewolfWednesday tradition to offer a look at shape-shifter flixs that didn’t involve werewolves.


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