Red Haze

Something sinister is happening at Grove University.

Some nights the woods on the edge of campus glow with a spectral, shimmering red haze. Marne Montgomery knows—she’s seen it.

She also saw a figure in the haze. He beckoned to her and then vanished.

Marne laughs off the incident until her roommate, Sara Murdock, shows her a picture of a student. The one Marne saw in the woods.

But he’s been dead for more than a year.

Suddenly, Marne and Sara are tangled in a secret that threatens their college careers—and their lives. Their only hope is to find the cause of the red haze…

Before someone else dies.

Red Haze is a haunting psychological thriller that hovers between the spectral and the natural, blurring the lines between remembrance and regret, dedication and obsession, justice and revenge.

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Mallory Heart Reviews: 5 Stars …  “Author Adrian Lilly very skillfully weaves a multiplicity of threads, never once telegraphing in advance where a particular plot thread will end up. More than once I found myself on the edge of my seat, heart in mouth, awaiting an outcome. I’m eagerly anticipating the next book in this series.” [Full review at link.]

Books, Reviews, Etc: 4 Stars: “The book, for full effects, should be read on a dark, stormy night when you are all alone. By the way, lock the doors, you might even dead bolt them, after you check the house.” [Full review at link.]

Bookingly Yours:  5 Stars: “Impressed with the twists and turns, I thought I ‘discovered the truth’ after reading the first quarter of the story but it turned out there was something more in Wes’ death. I found the investigation and the narration of the action scenes well-written. The characters are all likable, believable.” [Full review at link.]

Kindle Book Review: 5 Stars: “Fans of Lois Duncan (I Know What You Did Last Summer), as well as those who fondly remember the drama of college life, will find lots to like about Red Haze.” [Full review at link.]

Book Junkie Reviews: Quite a bit happens in a short time: there’s betrayal, a taste for revenge, struggling of inner turmoil, masquerade, a chase, attempted murder, friendships are questioned, and just the right touch of paranormal. Whether you’re a fan of mystery novels or not, it’s a fun story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. [Full review at link.]