Digital Halloween costumes

So, I’m definitely getting into the spirit of things…corn mazes, cider, hayrides, haunted houses, and for those who hate to show up in just a mask, some digital costume ideas. The below shows you how to turn a hole in a tee shirt into a scene stealer. Pretty cool.

Werewolf Wednesday: Do you know this werewolf?

So, each Wednesday, I like to celebrate the werewolf (or wolf, depending on my mood). Heading into Halloween, I’m posting images of some of my favorite werewolves as their human characters. Know this one?

Werewolf Wednesday: Werewolf in the elevator

An excerpt from the third book in The Runes Trilogy, The Wolf at War: Colleen hit the button, and the elevator groaned as it climbed from the first floor. The ghostly light cut through the doors as the elevator drifted into place. The brief pause as the elevator settled and dinged seemed to linger on…