The Author

Nothing gets the heart going like a good scare. I enjoy scares in the form of haunted houses, practical jokes, horror movies, and, of course, a good scary story, either read or told around the campfire.

I am the author of The Devil You Know, Red Haze, and  The Runes Trilogy (The Wolf at His Door, The Wolf in His Arms, The Wolf at War), Road Trips, and The Moon in Your Eyes. My writing focuses on strong character development and the nuances of fear that build toward horror.

When not writing, I enjoy hiking, biking, canoeing, camping, organic gardening, home canning, and anything else in the realm of sustainable living. I’m a fan of Gothic suspense movies and novels as well as campy 70s and 80s horror flicks.

I believe the best time to hike is in the snow or rain.


  1. How tragic to lose somebody so young and I am not surprised it influences your outlook on life as well as your writing, which I find very interesting, honest and frank.

  2. I like to write, draw, sculpt,sing, making monsters. I make all sorts of puppetry videos and I am an Ordained Preacher as well. Thought it was interesting to find such a talented Adrian Lilly online by accident. Most of your hobbies I like to do to lol. Just thought I would drop a line and hopefully get a chance to chat with Adrian W. Lilly lol. Drop me a line via email sometime.

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