Book One: The Wolf at His Door

The Wolf at His Door is a gay horror series
The Wolf at His Door is a horror series with gay male lead characters. It is not a romance but a horror novel filled with “seriously gruesome deaths.” (Boys, Bears, and Scares).




Looking for a werewolf horror series that is “dark and dangerous with bloodshed and horror” (MM Good Book Reviews), then look further than The Wolf at His Door. 

The wolf in his town…In the last two weeks, five innocent people have vanished, leaving investigators without a clue and families in turmoil.The wolf on his street…A brutal attack leaves one brother dead and his twin in a coma.The horror has only begun for Alec Rune as he learns that werewolves have a much darker plan for him, and he must confront…

The Wolf at His Door      

Book One of The Runes Trilogy: A Werewolf Horror Series

goodreads “Overall the storyline was outstandingly captivating, oozes brilliance and is well paced.” “The Wolf at His Door features a complex and twisting plot that never loses steam, with relatable and likeable characters, some seriously gruesome deaths and horror scenes, incredibly written suspense, and even some highly erotic scenes.”Vampires, Werewolves, and Fairies, Oh my!: “There are interesting twist and turns all through this book.” MM Good Book Reviews: “The werewolf in this story is the stuff of nightmares, returning to the original folklore of them in the past where they were true monsters.”
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