Christmas Horror — it’s movie time

I’ve seen a few (somewhat repetitive) lists floating around with best Christmas horror movies to watch this season. As an avid horror fan, I’ve actually seen a good number of these (links below).

My personal favorites are:

Black Christmas 2
A killer is watching in Black Christmas.

1. Black Christmas (1974)

I watch this movie every Christmas season, to, you know, get in the spirit of things. I love the acting, and I love the idea of someone getting murdered with a crystal unicorn.

2. P2 (2007)

To me, the protagonist in this movie is a bit hard to please. Sure, the antagonist is clingy, psychotic, and has drugged and kidnapped her on Christmas Eve, but at least he’s good looking. In my book, he’s a keeper.

3. Wind Chill (2007)

Heading home from college for Christmas break with the girl you’re crushing on…sounds great until the shortcut you take is patrolled by a sadistic ghost cop.

4. Saint Nick (2010, Netherlands)

So, apparently in the Netherlands (or Holland, if you prefer), Saint Nick can be an evil bishop who punishes bad children. (If you don’t believe me, check out these old timey Christmas cards.) This movie had a good number of laughs.

5. Dead Snow (2009, Norway)

So this is more “winter-themed” than “Christmas-themed” but it has Nazi zombies, so it warms the Yuletide heart.

Here are some additional lists:

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The Ultimate Christmas Horror Movie list

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