Help! My Blog Has an identity Crisis

For several years I have blogged on and off on this site. I think that blogging has always felt like an imposition—and to be successful at it, it can’t feel like a “job” or an “obligation” in a long list of other things you need to accomplish in a day.

I think one of the things I struggled with was an identity for my blog. Was it a marketing vehicle for self-published books? Was it a place to offer writing advice? Did it have the potential to help create a community online?

Years ago, I picked up The Artist’s Way, and it suggested writing your morning papers. I think in some ways, I thought my blog might be like that –journaling. But, I never quite took it to that place, mostly because I don’t like to share that much about myself.

I sometimes look with envy at those people who share so much about themselves without a second thought. They seem to think everything they do is interesting. Me? Crickets. I recently moved across the country for a new job. I lived on a campus built by a renowned architect where few people ever get to live.

But, I didn’t write a word about it. That’s me. I struggle with self-promotion. 🙂

Moving forward, I will try, yet again, to share my thoughts with the universe or at least the blogosphere.

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