What Is It About Social Media That Brings Out People’s Worst?

The other day I was watching a video of a woman who shares her crafts projects. Full disclosure: I am the least craftsy person you will ever meet. A few years ago, I had the chance to travel the country for six months, and I collected items to put in a scrap book.

Those items and the scrapbook are still in a crate. Unused.

Of course, I didn’t blog about it either.

Anyway, I like her videos because she seems to truly love doing crafts, and she shares some cozy, clever ideas or tips I never would figure out—not that I need to but, again, it’s fun. I have never, and likely will never, decoupage anything in my life. I just think she seems sweet, and I appreciate her enthusiasm. I guess I find it relaxing to watch.

I was looking at the comments on one of her videos, and I couldn’t believe some of the remarks!

One person said, “What a hassle!” (Of course it’s a hassle. Crafting is a hobby…I thought that was the point. If you don’t like crafting, move on. ) Another ridiculed how the woman in the video talks. (Seriously? Who does this? You feel a need to try to make someone feel self-conscious about the way she talks?)

Of course, this made me click on the haters’ profiles and start tearing them apart: making fun of their decorating, noting disarray and filth in their photos, and imagining their dreary lives that makes them so miserable, etc.

And, then, I realized, I was doing the exact same thing they had done (without posting it, of course!).

I think it was a great example of how Hate Breeds Hate.

The haters who post nasty comments seem to forget—or don’t care—that there’s just another everyday person on the other side of the screen.

Some might argue that the woman posting her crafts videos is inviting the attention. I think you can just as easily argue that the person making a comment invites it as well. So where does it end?

It only ends with a new beginning—a new code of social conduct where we don’t accept such bad behavior. We would never accept it in public. We would think the person was awful, so why do we accept it online?

I’m challenging myself to speak up–but with decorum. I will do my best to stop the haters without using hate. I would be delighted to know some of the tactful ways you’ve stopped online bullying. I’m always open to advice!

Share your thoughts!

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