The Moon in Your Eyes

My novella, The Moon in Your Eyes, is now out, and it has its first two glowing reviews: “This short story reads like a perfect b-movie flick, complete with a … Continue reading

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What is Horror?

People tend to argue about horror a bit. I suppose many definitions are floating around. For instance, I’ve had some readers say that my horror novel The Wolf at His … Continue reading

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Movies for Back to School

Ahh. Back to school. Or , is that AHHHHHHHH!! Back to School! Here’s a short list of horror movies that take place in the unhallowed halls of academe. Sit back … Continue reading

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Food Fright: Not your average fishy film and fish fry

Many people out there enjoy horror movies. Many of those same people also like food. That’s why I’m starting Food Fright. Think of it as the horror fan’s ultimate date … Continue reading

August 5, 2017 · 1 Comment

Help Finding (Short) Horror Online

Some days you wake up and think, “I need a good scare.” Luckily, you have countless options at your finger tips. To help you sift through some of those options, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the seasons

A recent snowfall got me thinking. Many people love summer. And why not? The weather is (allegedly) beautiful, the kids are off school, and cookouts are aplenty. Summer is not … Continue reading

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Author Shorts: What authors have inspired/informed/shaped your own work?

I’ve asked a variety of authors to answer a few questions that I pose. Of course, I love a twist. All answers had to be no more than two sentences. … Continue reading

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Otherworldly Words: Sorcery

If you don’t know which witch is which, then perhaps someone is using sorcery to cloud your mind. Sorcery is a word that comes from the middle ages, a time … Continue reading

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Mayhem Monday: #Supernatural Survival Skills Test Question 10

It’s #MayhemMonday, and, it’s up to you to survive! If you enjoyed this post, look around, or sign up below ↓ to receive future posts via email.         

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Otherworldly Words: Ghostly

The origin of ghost is akin to the German word Geist for spirit. Spirit is such a more hopeful word, the essence or quality of someone or something. In many … Continue reading

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A Trip Down Scream Queen Lane

Few scream queens get the recognition they deserve, but most seem to have languished despite an impressive portfolio of horror. In this post, I share a few Scream Queens that … Continue reading

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Author Shorts: How do you define suspense?

Author shorts is back! And this time, I want to know, “How do YOU define suspense?” Of course, the Author Shorts twist is that there are no long-winded responses aloud. All … Continue reading

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