The Moon in Your Eyes

My novella, The Moon in Your Eyes, is now out, and it has its first two glowing reviews: “This short story reads like a perfect b-movie flick, complete with a … Continue reading

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What is Horror?

People tend to argue about horror a bit. I suppose many definitions are floating around. For instance, I’ve had some readers say that my horror novel The Wolf at His … Continue reading

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Author Shorts: What authors have inspired/informed/shaped your own work?

I’ve asked a variety of authors to answer a few questions that I pose. Of course, I love a twist. All answers had to be no more than two sentences. … Continue reading

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Otherworldly Words: Sorcery

If you don’t know which witch is which, then perhaps someone is using sorcery to cloud your mind. Sorcery is a word that comes from the middle ages, a time … Continue reading

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Mayhem Monday: #Supernatural Survival Skills Test Question 10

It’s #MayhemMonday, and, it’s up to you to survive! If you enjoyed this post, look around, or sign up below ↓ to receive future posts via email.         

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Otherworldly Words: Ghostly

The origin of ghost is akin to the German word Geist for spirit. Spirit is such a more hopeful word, the essence or quality of someone or something. In many … Continue reading

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A Trip Down Scream Queen Lane

Few scream queens get the recognition they deserve, but most seem to have languished despite an impressive portfolio of horror. In this post, I share a few Scream Queens that … Continue reading

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Author Shorts: How do you define suspense?

Author shorts is back! And this time, I want to know, “How do YOU define suspense?” Of course, the Author Shorts twist is that there are no long-winded responses aloud. All … Continue reading

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Otherworldly Words: Spectral

Ghosts are around every corner! Hauntings are the most peculiar human phenomenon I can think of. It’s so easy to explain them away through psychology (loss, grief, regret) and physiology … Continue reading

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Mayhem Monday: The Strange Children

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It’s #MayhemMonday! I supply the mayhem, you try to survive.

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A thought for today…

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Reading is a relationship between an author and a reader.

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the portal flickers blue light across the room. though you know better, you pass through, unconscious

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