Being a private person in a very public world


We all know those people. They blow up social media with a dozen selfies a day. They seem to broadcast every single thought that passes through their heads (unedited and unabridged). They turn their private lives into a public affair.

And then there’s me. I blog irregularly, post on Facebook infrequently, tweet even less, and don’t even ask about other social media. I see things that other people post, and I always think, “Why am I not that candid?”

The problem is I’m a private person in a very public world.

As a writer, I never really wanted to promote me. I wanted to create worlds that others could get lost in, and introduce my books to readers. Yet today everyone needs a brand.

So, how does a private person promote himself?

A few ideas I’ve seen but not yet pursued:

  • Book or series sites
  • Book or series social media pages
  • Videos
  • Email marketing

Ultimately, I’m not as concerned about what others are doing, but more about how others negotiate feeling like social media has made self-promotion an all-in, invasive way of living. Some people seem to revel in sharing little tidbits from their life. For me, it feels like work.

I think it’s because, as a writer, I’m so used to obfuscating my experiences through the lens of a character and plot. Every story I write is based on my experiences, thoughts, and perceptions, but it is wrapped in a protective shroud of mystery called fiction.

Maybe it’s my Capricorn need to keep people at arm’s length. I wonder if other Capricorns struggle with feeling like social sharing shares too much.

Any other creative types struggling with the balancing act of private versus public?

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