A Writer’s New Year’s #Resolutions 2021


write_smileThis year, I’m issuing myself a set of challenges, and I’ll see how I did at the end of the year!

  1. Write every day. Every writer knows that he’s supposed to do this, but we find a reason not to. Maybe you’re tired from work. Maybe you got a bad review. Maybe life is just hell. When these days happen (and they will) remember how much you love to write. Then do it. Even a few lines. Even if it isn’t your current project. Write something, and then smile, because you did something you love to do.
  2. Post at least once each week. Posting once per week has been hard for me. I was really good at it for a while, and then in the last couple years, I’ve let it drop off. Once per week is only 52 posts. Let’s see how I do!
  3. Experiment, that’s how you grow. It’s easy to do the same thing you did yesterday; you already know how to do it. But I have to remember to try new things as a writer. I will try different exercises and styles this year. I may even try a new genre. It may be crap, but it may be brilliant. That’s the point of taking a chance.
  4. Be kind to yourself. I am a total self defeatist, because I expect more out of myself than I do anyone else. For that reason, I can be my own worst enemy. This year, I will turn my worries and criticism into positive statements. Instead of saying, “I’m worried I won’t make my deadline.” I’m going to say, “Here’s my daily plan to reach my deadline.” If I falter along the way, I won’t abuse myself for that mis-step. I’m only human, and being hard on yourself wastes time, energy, and creativity.
  5. Try to connect with other writers. I’m terrible at this. But I want to challenge myself to reach out more this year. Read more blogs. Comment. Show support. That’s what it’s about after all.

These are my promises to myself for 2020. In December, we’ll see how it went! 🙂

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