girl in a coma

I: the mother                        I sit by your side as sleep blossoms                        within you, unfolding like a morning glory at dawn. Long ago                        the doctors sent you home. Friends no longer                        come to visit; they have children                        of their own to care for.  twenty-nine years                        you have lain here. never…

Cover reveal: The Wolf in His Arms

I’m excited to reveal the cover to THE WOLF IN HIS ARMS. The enovel will be available in mid-February. The cover was developed by artist Sandra Schroeder, themed after the cover of the first book in the series.

Werewolf Survival Quiz

Here’s a little fun for the full moon: a quiz to test your traditional werewolf knowledge. TAKE THE WEREWOLF SURVIVAL TEST!

the cemetery gates

The echo of loss rings from beyond the cemetery gates as I pass by in wonder of lives and loves lost, always too soon, no matter the age. Weeping willows, winding streams, rolling hills, and monuments etched from stone stand sentinel beyond the cemetery gates where the specter of grief walks the rows alone, in…


I love you like a starfish. When you break a piece off, I will grow another.

Willow II

  A clearing surrounded by a stand of trees.  Short grass glade save the centered solitary willow. Crowned   head draped in majestic arraignment. A reflection of the humbleness of prayer before benediction. And the solitude   of guilt. Not twisted   dogwood for a sacrifice. Not oak strong to stand alone. Stretching   toward…