These short horror films perfectly sum up 2020

The year that felt like it might never end is finally winding down. In review, these short horror films seem to perfectly capture the feeling of this dreadful year, despite the fact that not all were made this year.

What do you think? Doe these films capture the sense of impending doom brought on by COVID-19?

I hope you enjoy!


Yes, this year felt like this. Trying to hold on – on the edge of a terrible precipice and constantly sliding toward an abyss.

Face Mask

This one capitalizes on the fear of wondering just who is behind that face mask. Well played. Well played.


Staying at home can feel a bit claustrophobic. Wondering who’s sick can drive you over the edge.

Special Day

Many of our special days this year had a sense of dread cloaked over them. Yep. They felt like this.

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