Werewolves and the big gay question

I sat down with Big Gay Horror Fan to discuss my most recent novel, The Wolf at His Door. We wandered a bit, discussing my childhood, early fascination with horror, and my take of mixing gay characters with the horror genre.

BGHF: Hey, Adrian! Let’s do a more interesting take on Maria Van Trapp – and start at the very beginning! What first got you interested in horror?

Adrian: My first horror story was a brutal, little story about a family getting murdered; I wrote that in the first grade. Later, in a computer programming class in middle school, my friends and I programmed a choose-your-own adventure horror/murder game, where the character’s sister went mad and was killing everyone. In short, I’ve always loved horror. Starting when I was really little, my mom and I would stay up and watch all the classic horror on the late, late show — Beyond the DoorExorcistThe Shining, less-than-memorable Hammer films, and many others.

Read the rest of the interview by Big Gay Horror Fan!

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