Shapeshifter movies that aren’t about werewolves

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the woods… #WerewolfWednesday isn’t only about werewolves.


Shapeshifter_Chart Keep your eyes on these little devils. They will change into something else before you know it!

Werewolves are shapeshifters, but not all shapeshifters are werewolves.

Shapeshifters is a larger category with other types of transforming creatures within it. (See chart).

To show that I am an equal opportunity shifter lover, I am taking this opportunityto bring you a list of shapeshifter movies that are not werewolves as a part of the weekly phenomenon known as #WerewolfWednesday.


The Thing (1982)

Clas-sick. Really. Everyone should see this movie of a monster that can take on the shape of any living creature.

Cat People (1982)

Not to write a spoiler, but they’re people who turn into cats.

Ravenous (1999)

This one is different… and inspired by Native American legend.

Leviathan (1989)

A variation on The Thing and fairly good in its own right. Bonus points for being underwater.

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