Is this the oldest trial of a werewolf?

Lukas_Mayer_1589_Hinrichtung_Peter_Stump-1Peter Stubbe, known as The Werewolf Farmer of Bedburg, is an early werewolf villain who claimed to transform into a werewolf through the use of a bedeviled belt. Stubbe was tried and executed for his murderous crimes. While I enjoy a good werewolf scare as much as anyone, Stubbe would likely today be labeled a serial murderer, or with any luck, he may have suffered from a now treatable mental illness, making him just the nice farmer who lives down the lane.

The site ILoveWerewolves explores the legend in more detail.

Interestingly enough, the site Modern Farmer has a detailed accounting of Peter Stubbe:

Stubbe, who loved his secret life as a werewolf, took great pleasure in walking through the streets of Bedburg, hailing the families and friends of his victims, none of them aware that the gentleman farmer was a homicidal maniac. During these sojourns he would sometimes pick out his next victim and by whatever means he could, would get them out into the fields where he would “ravish them… and cruelly murder them”…


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