(Were)Wolf Moon


Did you know that some Native American tribes referred to the January full moon as the Wolf Moon? In fact, each full moon of the year has a name.

Without the moon, werewolves could not exist — and then where would I be with my horror trilogy? I feel the full moon is much maligned, mostly because people were out and about more on a full moon, so I am taking this opportunity on #WerewolfWednesday to celebrate the moon.

Here are some sites to learn more about our eye in the night sky — the moon! 

A Moon by Any Other Name

MoonConnection.com has a page dedicated to the names given to the monthly cycle of the moon by Native American tribes, including Wolf Moon for the January Moon.

Cycle of the Moon

This site offers even more detailed information on moon names and the cycles of the moon as well, so you can tell your waxing gibbous from your waning crescent.

Your Lunar Life

The site Your Lunar Life has a great collection of facts on earth’s sinister satellite, like defining the terms perigee and apogee.


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