#Otherworldly Words: Tachyon


February is the month that benefits from a leap year, thus having 29 days this year. A Leap Year is the year we gather the fragments of the 1/4 day in our calendar and give them space. It is a way of collecting time as if over the course these fragments were lost.

Time itself is theoretical. That’s why there’s more than one calendar, and that’s why we have leap years. We’re trying to force a rule or system onto something beyond us. We place a measurement on it, we allot meaning to it, we divide into divisions like seconds, minutes, days, months, years.

A tachyon, as a theoretical particle that moves faster than the speed of light would escape time itself. What a lovely idea.  (Just Google tachyon and time travel.)

The idea of traveling through time appeals to us for so many reasons; regret, I’d venture, is among the biggest. “If I could just go back and change that one decision…”

Many years ago, I used the tachyon as inspiration for a poem. What do you think?

tachyon love
the steam from the tub filters
into my lungs
and the warmth of the water
washes over my legs
as I glide to caress you,
slide my hands over your moist flesh

I lay my head on your shoulder, fill
myself with the scent of you,
watch the water sparkle, painted
by the candle

glow     I wrap my arms around your chest,
ensnaring you in my embrace
                content to stay, transfixed
                                here—time not end, time
not felt

I lean forward and you turn
to receive my hushed kiss

I smooth beads
of moisture from your cheek
embracing in full,
our bodies meld
until we coalesce like rising bubbles
not forming one
nor the other
not needing form
nor time
as justification for love

and it is moments like this we must remember
                when all else
                                fails us
it is moments like this
we must remember


Other words this month will be:

  • chronon
  • transilience
  • amaranthine

Look here for some leap year superstitions (including the gem that it’s okay for gals to ask guys to marry them only during a leap year…).

As a side note: I have a cousin who was born on the 29th of February, so I think she’s actually only about 10, though she teaches at a university. 🙂

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