#Otherworldly Words: Chronon


chrononThis month I’m looking at words to do with time!

A chronon is a hypothetical unit that helps scientists theorize. It’s important to remember that science is a creative endeavor. Thinking about the vastness of space (and time) not only inspires scientists but authors and other storytellers across the eons. Words like chronon have a science fiction feel to them, because the literature borrows from science, and, in deed, inspires science. Imagination has taken us to places that science is now achieving.

When we erase the imagination from science we also lose the inspiration. Scientists — much like other creatives — have long known that just because you can’t see it or reach it now, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Previously this month, I wrote about

Why the theme? February is the month that benefits from a leap year, thus having 29 days this year. A Leap Year is the year we gather the fragments of the 1/4 day in our calendar and give them space. It is a way of collecting time as if over the course these fragments were lost. So, with this theme, I am looking at four words about time.

Look here for some leap year superstitions (including the gem that it’s okay for gals to ask guys to marry them only during a leap year…).

As a side note: I have a cousin who was born on the 29th of February, so I think she’s actually only about 10, though she teaches at a university. 🙂

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