Get to know your chracters

What do personality tests say about your characters?

All this month I’m exploring lying in my writing exercises. The idea is that knowing when and how, as well as how often and how good they are at lying, tells you a bit about your characters.

Here’s another odd ball way to get to know your characters: Personality tests.

Most likely, you’ve come across any number of tests or quizzes that claim they can tell you something about your personality. Validity aside, have you ever thought about using those to help you define a character in a story? While many of these tests or quizzes lack scientific proof, they can offer you a fun exercise in getting to know your character.

Below are a few fun examples to get you going.

Fav colors

So, what’s your character’s favorite color, and what does that say about him or her? (Courtesy Tim Cox, Writing)

Personality Traits

A personality test, claiming to be based on the work of Jung.  Answer not as yourself, but as your character!

Your character’s perception:

In this test, think about how your character perceives these iamges.

Personality Type

This final  quiz will help you determine your chracter’s personality type by answering a series of questions. You should write down your answers as you answer them for your own record!

Have fun!




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