Otherworldly Words: Spectral

Ghosts are around every corner! Hauntings are the most peculiar human phenomenon I can think of. It’s so easy to explain them away through psychology (loss, grief, regret) and physiology (gasses, etc.) or electricity (electromagnetic fields), yet something compelling keeps us cleaving to the idea.

I’ve had my own rare, faint glimpses into something that makes me believe there’s more than we know to this vast universe. And why wouldn’t there be? We’re like dragonflies skimming the surface of dark waters when it comes to the vastness of what we know versus what there is yet to discover.

Hauntings, while often portrayed as horrifying, are also hope. We hope to see loved ones again. We hope to right wrongs from a past life or in a next life. We hope that something more lies around the blind corner when we die.

Here’s to hauntings … and hope.

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