So, I’ve decided to write a #slasher…

knife2I often have so many ideas floating around in my head, and I’m never sure which one I’ll pluck to write next, but I’ve decided to write a slasher.

Yes, a serial murderer stalking victims slasher.

It’s a bit of a departure for me as my previous books have had supernatural elements to them. Yet I’ve always enjoyed the slasher genre in both films and books. In books, so much more is revealed, and even minor characters are given a bit of substance. I think, often, more of the suspense is brought out too. I even think of some Mary Higgins Clark’s early novels had a slow-burn slasher feel to them.

When I think of the most well done slashers, they really are character driven. I have to engage with and care about the characters to be concerned whether the killer stalking them kills them or not. And that is what compels me here.

As a writer, it’s important to move forward with whichever project inspires you at the moment. Perhaps it’s the current political climate? Whatever the case may be, my next book has a working title of “Rational Fear.”

Here’s the basic premise:

bloody_knifeTwelve years after witnessing the brutal murder of his family, Darrin, now 24, is an agoraphobic, trapped in the tiny world of his apartment. His world is one of isolation, only visited by his psychologist, Candice.

A graduate student, Leslie, is a volunteer who delivers Darrin’s groceries each week. Though the going is slow, as Darrin will only talk through the door, Leslie is moved by the shy, friendly young man. They become closer, and Darrin allows her entrance and begins to venture out into the building—a major step for Darrin.

But not everyone cares if Darrin recovers. Cruel and immature neighbors, Francie and Jim, would rather torment Darrin than aid him. Learning of Darrin’s past, they develop a malicious prank. They are throwing a party, and during the festivities, Darrin will get a surprise visitor: A man dressed in a pizza delivery outfit carrying a machete, just like he witnessed years before.

But what they don’t know is that the real killer has escaped prison with plans to finish the job and kill the only person to have ever survived him.

And just like before, he will kill the entire household.

Only now, Darrin lives in a Victorian mansion converted into student housing. So as Darrin is trapped upstairs in his apartment, the killer is working his way, apartment by apartment, to Darrin.

Darrin can’t leave, so he must fight.

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