It’s Arbor Day. Show a tree some love.


It seems silly to profess my love for trees. Who wouldn’t love trees? Oddly, I had a friend visit once, and she declared, “I don’t really like forests,” as we walked through one of my favorite forest preserves. I tend to think she was having a bad day or purposefully being difficult. Too many studies point to the healthy benefits of a stroll in the forest not to love trees.

So, why is a horror author writing about his love for trees? If you didn’t know, it’s Arbor Day. Take a moment to think about the importance of trees and how delicate they are. Diseases and pests wipe out entire species. Dutch Elm disease, the Emerald Ash borer, and now oak wilt and pine wilt wreak havoc on tree populations across the U.S.

Think about the importance of trees in providing oxygen, cooling shade, and beauty, and then think about what you can do to protect them.

Happy Arbor Day!

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