Food rant

Salsify patties. We made the patties. We grew the salsify.

If you’re at all like me, you care a great deal about what you eat. I grow as much food as I can, I buy organic, and I cook from whole ingredients. They are a part of our values as a couple.

That’s why, I find news like this disheartening.

Who is behind organic brands? 

…and this…

Truth about organic

Ultimately, I think the culprit  is processed food, rather labeled organic or otherwise. To be healthy, using whole foods and starting from scratch yourself in the best route. It’s cheaper too. Of course, it takes time, but many resources offer ideas on how to manage that time, like make-ahead meals that you can thaw during your busy week. Personally, we make a menu and shop accordingly. We freeze leftovers for when we feel lazy or rushed.

I believe that we have a broken food system. I think that our obesity epidemic is a reflection of that. I also believe that a rise in other diseases are the proverbial canary in the mine about how toxic our world (including food production) has become.

But I always think we have a broken culture. We place more emphasis on being busy than on being happy or even productive. We diddle on our phones while driving, swearing, “I go this,” even as we cause another car accident. Take a stand against the Fast Food Culture that has taken over our lives. Cook a meal. Invite friends over and ban the phone. Share conversation. Make them pledge to reciprocate.

Cornbread made with stoneground cornmeal from local corn ground at a nearly 200-year-old mill.

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  1. Lynnette says:

    Amen! The best advice we received was to quit buying food that comes in a package. There are rare exceptions, but for the most part that simple step eliminates questionable foods. If it does come in a package, all of the ingredients should be whole. Like rice or beans.

    1. Exactly! Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  2. Let’s steer clear of mixed messages. So it’s OK to eat three chocolate bars if we have the time to run off the calories? Or should we be doing without that wholesome bowl of porridge if we don’t? There’s no healthy, well balanced diet message there. Personally, every time I eat a two-finger KitKat, I don’t want to be reminded that I’d need to walk for 30 min. There lies madness. Most of our lives are busy and stressful enough without these guilt ‘trips’.
    We need to go back to basics. An active woman needs around 2,000 calories a day (men up to 500 more) to function. To lose 1lb a week, calorie intake needs to be around 1,500. Clearly, the quarter of the UK population who are obese have not grasped even this simple concept.
    Ultimately, we know we shouldn’t be eating that giant chocolate muffin mid-morning or that sugar-sweetened cola to beat an afternoon slump. Health bodies need to get the healthy eating message out there, including the daily proportions of the food groups mapped out in the new Eat Well plan. Highlighting activity levels on pack is a fun diversion, but let’s just leave it at that.

    1. Agreed. I think many people are confused about even how to eat healthy — because of mixed messages. We need to understand the importance between a healthy indulgence and one filled with empty calories. I think it was Mark Bitman who said, if you’re willing to make it, you’re allowed to eat it.

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