Author Shorts Question: Do you have a favorite type of monster or villain?

author shorts2I’ve asked a variety of authors— from horror to romance to comedy to non-fiction—to answer a few questions that I pose. Of course, I love a twist. All answers had to be no more than two sentences. Brevity presents a greater challenge.

For me the process was delightful as well as insightful. I love that authors can express our personalities and style in so few words. Just check out the varied responses to the first question!

The question: Do you have a favorite type of monster or villain?







Mercedes Fox, author of Poaching the Immorta







Laurel_Heidtman_Bad Girls Cover Kindle


“I like multi-faceted villains, because no one is ever completely good or completely bad. I
prefer layers in my characters and that includes the bad guys.”

Laurel Heidtman, Author of Bad Girls












“Yes! The evil kind. The ones who you want to hate but for which you have a level of compassion or empathy. They’re the dangerous ones…”

Julianne Snow, author of Days with the Dead and Glimpses of the Dead









“My favorite would be the type of villain that no one sees coming; however, if he/she is overtly bad, they’re the kind of bad that doesn’t give two shits about anyone else’s feelings or concerns – Fuck it all!”

J.S. Danielle, Author of Perfected: A Mahaghany Mixed Novel

J.S. Danielle on GoodReads!



we were once one




“The unredeemable monster is my fave. I like to let my characters, even the villains, follow a natural character arc, sometimes to the bitter end.”

Willow Madison, author of we were one once  






Adrian W. Lilly is the author of The Runes Trilogy, The Devil You Know, and Red Haze

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