#Otherworldly Words for February

midnight_clockIt’s time to look at words associated with February.

February is cold.

February is the shortest month.

February is the month that benefits from a leap year, thus having 29 days this year. A Leap Year is the year we gather the fragments of the 1/4 day in our calendar and give them space. It is a way of collecting time as if over the course these fragments were lost. So, with this theme, I am looking at four words about time:

  • tachyon
  • chronon
  • transilience
  • amaranthine

Look here for some leap year superstitions (including the gem that it’s okay for gals to ask guys to marry them only during a leap year…).

As a side note: I have a cousin who was born on the 29th of February, so I think she’s actually only about 10, though she teaches at a university. 🙂

Share your thoughts!

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