Dark Quotes: Words of Wisdom (?) from Benjamin Franklin

Ben-Franklin-quote-make-yourself-sheep-and-the-wolves-will-eat-youI love wisdom passed down in pithy, easily regurgitated quotes. This one from Benjamin Franklin makes great use of the (often misplaced) human fear of wolves to make a political statement.

One has to wonder about the double-edged sword of these words, however. Does the advice eschew acts of kindness and generosity, thus making more wolves? We tread a fine line, in wanting not to be taken advantage of, in stead of becoming callous to the needs of others.






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  1. Alex Buka says:

    But it is easy to become a sheep when you are a wolf and so hardly possible to become a wolf when you are a sheep, don’t you agree?

    1. Thank you for your thoughts! My question back to you is what is the incentive for the wolf to change? He’s so used to getting what he wants. I think that the real worry is the sheep turning on each other in fear of falling prey.

  2. Kiz Magpie says:

    People don’t have a fear of wolves, misplaced or otherwise; generally speaking. This quote was about religion, politics, government, The sheep being the general populous and Wolves the Government, churches, leaders any authority that dominates the public.
    “Benjamin Franklin makes great use of the (often misplaced) human fear of wolves” … no, probably the one interpretation that this was NOT.

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