The Moon in Your Eyes

THEMOONINYOUREYESsmallMy novella, The Moon in Your Eyes, is now out, and it has its first two glowing reviews:

“This short story reads like a perfect b-movie flick, complete with a handful of archetypes including the rebellious teen (nice nod with the name) , the horny campers, and the cowardly muscle-bound egoist. Perfect ending and “Bruce Campbell great” lines earn it a top rating from me! ”

Scifi and Scary Book Reviews

“It’s a fun, frantic, bloody story, with the monster fiercely front-and-center. There’s no doubt or mystery here, just a desperate attempt at survival. What ultimately makes it stand out, however, is the entirely surprising series of twists in the final pages.”

Beauty in Ruins

About The Moon in Your Eyes

A group of strangers enters the woods on a week-long camping trip to escape technology.

Victor is the guide on the expedition, and he has only one goal: to use his years of experience to get everyone in and out safely. Eighteen-year-old Taylor, and his mother, Leah, are only joining the trip after a judge ordered Taylor, who caused a car wreck while texting, to go. Odette is hoping to shed a few pounds while treating herself to a relaxing week in the woods after a long, hard year. Tech-addicted Brent is always looking for a challenge, and burnt out with mud runs, thinks this week-long hike is just the thing. Chelsea read in her favorite blog that this was the new thing to do, so she’s doing it. Merle used to always camp with his wife before she died, and he thinks camping with a group is the best way to try again.

But the first night they are awakened by the sound of an animal outside their tents. When Victor investigates, something tackles him to the ground. Suddenly, the camp erupts into chaos, and the campers scatter, only to be hunted down, and watch in horror, as their numbers dwindle.


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  1. Adrian,

    I am developing an Indie publishing company and want to encourage more visitors to our Website. I would like to include your book “The Moon in Your Eyes“ in our featured titles section. The more books we feature, the more traffic we’ll get. This will help us and should give your book higher visibility. I can pull everything I need from the Internet. There is no cost at all. I would appreciate a link from your website back to ours, but that is not imperative. Let me know if I may add your book.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration,

    Robert Benson
    P. O. Box 67
    Normanna, Texas 78142
    (361) 834-0000

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