Author Shorts Question 4: What type of character is your favorite?

author shorts2I’ve started a new segment where I’ve asked a variety of authors to answer a few questions that I pose. Of course, I love a twist. All answers had to be no more than two sentences. Brevity presents a greater challenge.

For me the process was delightful as well as insightful. I love that authors can express our personalities and style in so few words. Just check out the varied responses to the first question!

Question number 4: What type of character is your favorite to write?


Author Stuart Conover
Author Stuart Conover

“Honestly I enjoy writing a character that at first glance is one that you wouldn’t necessary like but one that you can end up relating to. Once you find out what makes them tick and realize that they aren’t so different after all.”

Stuart Conover, short story author included in Dead Walk and other anthologies



Author Julianne Snow


“I like damaged characters – the ones with the infinite layers that you peel back as the story develops.”

Julianne Snow, author of Days with the Dead and Glimpses of the Dead





“Guys with a sense of self-worth despite their imperfections.”Daniel W Kelly photo

Daniel W. Kelly, author of Rise of the Thing Down Below








Adrian W. Lilly is the author of The Runes Trilogy, The Devil You Know, and Red Haze

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