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TWAWcover_3The Wolf at War — the exciting conclusion to The Runes Trilogy

In a night, werewolves overtook the planet. And under the new world order, humans are prey.

Excerpt from The Wolf at War:

The Simulcast

Dressed in a tweed jacket and dress shirt, Nigel took a deep breath as the on-air director counted down the seconds until the live broadcast began. The director, with a pen tucked behind her ear and a clipboard in her hands, visibly trembled. She was human. Roth stood behind her and offered a comical thumbs up to Nigel. The director nodded, and the light on the camera told Nigel that he was speaking live to people across the globe. “Clearly, by now, you have learned the unthinkable; that folklore held the truth, and humans, are in fact, not at the top of the food chain.” His condescending smile glittered across screens around the world. “For those who doubt this He nodded to a screen next to him that flashed to life. Over the next few seconds, an instant replay of the attacks showed the demolition of capitol buildings, the collapse of bridges, and the transformation of soldiers into werewolves. The footage ended with the recorded slaughter of many world leaders. “The armies of the world are under our rule, as well as the police forces and the governments.

“I have no doubt that you wonder what the future holds. I am here to tell you. Tomorrow, in every newspaper around the globe, the lead story will be the new rules of civilization. Much of life will go on as usual. You will work, you will eat, and you will sleep. One night each month, on the full moon, there will be an Organized Hunt. The Hunts will be broadcast. Yes, some of you will die. But most of you will live. These odds are no different from your freeway commutes.”

Nigel glanced down at the script before him and then returned his green gaze to the screen. “Those who work with us will be rewarded. Traitors will be dealt with in a most amusing fashion, and the results will be broadcast. If you suspect your neighbor, your friend, even your parents of insurrection, be sure to reach out to the authorities. We will maintain a log of all those who work with us, and this tally will be taken into consideration for special accommodations on the night of The Hunt. Our rule is absolute. Our laws are uncompromising.” He cocked his eyebrow. “We conquered the world in one night. A band of humans will never overthrow our rule. But compliant subjects preserve their place in society.” He smiled again. “Be sure to read—and follow—all rules outlined in the papers tomorrow.”

Screens around the world went black.


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