Let’s get fired up!

Ohio Sunset.
Ohio Sunset. As the sun sets, the mysteries of the night begin.

Way back in May, I mentioned that I was traveling. Well, my travels seem to be coming to an end. Delightfully! I felt like I needed to see something new and to recharge. I guess I needed to see more of life to feel like I was living. Maybe that’s not entirely true, but I did need to explore.

Since leaving my home last March, I’ve traveled the U.S. extensively and even took a whirlwind trip to England. It’s been an eventful year filled with new people and scenery. As a writer, I crave these experiences. I love to hear how different people talk, how they dress, what they talk about.

But, now autumn is darkening the days and chilling the nights, and it’s time to buckle down and get to work!

It’s time to get fired up and write about what I’ve experienced.

Albuquerque Sunset.
Albuquerque Sunset.
Cheyenne Sunset
Cheyenne Sunset

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