A scene from The Wolf at War

For #WerewolfWednesday, this partial scene is from a peace accord between the human representative (Antalek) and the werewolf representative (Roth): 

TWAWcover_3Antalek nodded but did not reply. A moment passed, and he said, “Of course we should not begin until your ambassador returns.”

Roth glanced around uneasily. “Where in the proceedings were you?”

With a grunt, he pointed vaguely at the minutes from the meeting. Roth browsed the documentation. Again, the talks had reached a stalemate at the request to deny refugees. “I see that our request to deny refugee status is a point of contention.”

Antalek nodded with an amiable smile. “Yes. All of Free Europe has agreed that the possibility of being eaten is just cause for refugee status.”

Roth pursed his lips, allowing the comment to go unchecked. “Our goal is to reduce the tensions between the EU—”

“We prefer Free Europe.”

“To reduce tensions between Free Europe, as you call it, and, well, the rest of the planet, as we call it.”

The Wolf at War will be released in December 2014. 

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  1. Kerry lilly says:

    Good job adrian!! Proud of you

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