Knowing Sylvia Plath

I am surprised you have survived
until now.

Sleeping pills in the medicine cabinet. Father’s gun in the closet. Razor
on the sink. Cold steel

No tears, only blood.

I will never
know love.

Your parents will delight
in one less disappointment
when you are laid to rest.


And you still think sleep is the answer? Coward.

I try to pray
myself away.

Vanish? Recede into darkness
where you belong.

Coral snakes slither up my arms. Snakes
upon snakes.

Taste the venom
of success. Dead
ropes of snake, your arms
a caduceus. Writhing snakes of success.

I am still
awake. time. still

Close your eyes and kiss
the only one who has ever craved you. He is waiting.
Make love
to his bones.

My God, why have you forsaken me?

Those who have already died
salute you.

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