Interview: Werewolves, dreams, and character development

If you’ve ever wondered what makes an author’s mind tick, Mike Zimmerman (author of Dracula’s Apprentice) does a great job picking mine on the current novel and other related topics.

What genre would you place your book in?
The Wolf at His Door is solidly a horror novel, with paranormal M/M romance and dark fantasy woven in. I focus much of my attention on the relationships, so there’s a decent amount of family drama mixed in as well.

Could you describe your target audience?
Anyone who enjoys a good, scary werewolf novel could enjoy this. It does have a fair amount of romance—both M/M and M/F—so readers who enjoy romance will be pleased too. But it is a horror novel. My werewolves are the horrific ones. They aren’t cuddly, not as werewolves anyway.


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