A Day with a Universal God

Listen for my voice in the crashing waves,
And in the call of the wild wind,
You can hear it there, too.
I am the monk locked in silent solitude,
I am the crying infant.
Listen for my voice in your favorite melody,
in a child's rhyme.
My voice is as endless as the seas.

High above the world my spirit soars,
as on the wings of birds of prey.
In the mountain stream,
And at the bottom of the sea,
I am.
Not even the coldest reaches of space elude me,
for, even there, I am.
Nature is my mother and time my companion,
And all of creation joins us,
Shares in our exaltation.

And all that you feel,
I feel,
For it is as much me as you.
I am the biting wind and the warming sun.
I am the love sick heart and the passionate kiss.
What lovers share is no more than the joy I am.
Malediction uttered by enemies comes of no deeper hate,
no deeper than what I feel and I am.

Every thought and dream,
they are mine, too.
I am the dream,
and I share the dream.
Memories torn from time's page find me,
though you do not recall,
I remember them.
And every cherished moment abides with me, as with you.
These are all ours to share.

You can see me in every smile,
Feel me in every caress.
Your mother's gentle hand,
a new lover's passionate embrace,
the cold stare of a stranger on the street.
Truly, the ones you hold dear,
And even those you dearly miss,
And those you miss ever knowing,
I am a part of.
All reside together,
all share an unbreakable bond,
the same bond we share with you.

Verily, these are all faces of me,
My emotions, dreams, fears,
Hopes and aspirations.
We all share them as one,
And as one
I am.

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