summer breeze

the Aeolian song of chimes outside my window deliver me to peace as warmth and wonder caress my skin. petals dither on stems and branches and fall in velvet kisses to the grass.

In the garden

you asked for photos of the garden. cascades of pink soapwort over stone. the simple yellow of a Brussels sprout flower. bloodstained tips of a white dogwood flower in a mist around a spring green tree. These gifts I send to you. May you know peace and the joy we share in our moments in…


graceless snow collides with bare skin. dripping down bark and brown oak leaves. too heavy to float, drift, twinkle. the season fails its promise as one by one, lies are whispered, “Peace on Earth.”   I wrote this draft as part of National Poetry Writing Month. I hope to collect these works for a mixed…

A Day with a Universal God

Listen for my voice in the crashing waves, And in the call of the wild wind, You can hear it there, too. I am the monk locked in silent solitude, I am the crying infant. Listen for my voice in your favorite melody, in a child’s rhyme. My voice is as endless as the seas….