#WerewolfWednesday: A patient wolf

To celebrate the release of the final book in my werewolf trilogy, here is a quote from Lana Turner that says it all. #WerewolfWednesday.  

The Wolf at War release party starts today at 10 a.m.

The Wolf at War — the exciting conclusion to The Runes Trilogy In a night, werewolves overtook the planet. And under the new world order, humans are prey. Excerpt from The Wolf at War: The Simulcast Dressed in a tweed jacket and dress shirt, Nigel took a deep breath as the on-air director counted down…

The Wolf at War comes out in 7 days!

In a worldwide, coordinated attack, werewolves topple governments around the globe. A new Wolf Order takes control, placing humans at the bottom of the hierarchy. Fractured after the attacks, the Runes family, along with old friends and new friends, continue the fight to stop the werewolves—even as all seems lost.

From the #QuoteGarden: Late November

November continues to plod across the calendar with the resolve of a migrating herd. Yet such dreary days inspire us to see the world in beautiful terms. Certain times, if we want beauty, we must find it. And how we describe what we see to others such as much about ourselves as it does the…

From the #QuoteGarden: November

November is a month I am, well, let’s say that I’m hard on November. It’s one of those in between months that can’t quite decide what season it is. It swirls with chill and drizzle. Some mornings awake brilliant with frost while others are simply dingy. November colludes with its brother month, March, to make days short…

A very little bit of Halloween humor

Just because Halloween is for scares, doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a good chuckle. or maybe a groan at a really bad joke. Enjoy! 🙂      

From the #QuoteGarden: Autumn flowers

Autumn is my favorite time of year! The air has a quality unlike any other time. It’s sweet, but not the young sweet of spring. It’s drier, but not a harsh dry like the end of summer. There’s a chill, but not the gelid air of winter. It’s a bit of perfection squeezed between two vastly different…