Blaming David

etched harder than no man

could be, [save supermodels], lilting

wrist on hip—still manly

and legend ascribes a mind hewn of stone

dedicated to the form of you

where did you find the time to maintain both

and work 40 hours each week?

the standard you set

belittles my scrawny arms and belly

for the hours I’ve spent working on my brain

your face is forever young as evanescent

beauty fades fast, rain in texas

you have it all.  god spared you from certain

death by a giant. a stone, again, gave you immortality


your smooth flesh is marble, etched

hard muscles like no man [save


evanescent beauty is forever yours

vita brevis arta longa

the mold of you casts a shadow across me still

how did you find the time to perfect mind

and body and still work

40 hours a week?

my beauty is rain in texas

your lilting hand on your hip is still manly. god

saved your from a giant. stone

again presented you immortality


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