#FREE ebook: The Wolf at His Door

Book One of The Runes Trilogy. Available for Kindle. FREE!

Now through July 2, 2016

Ilene Rune has lived with a secret for 21 years that threatens to destroy her marriage, her life, and all of humanity. But how can she tell her son, Alec, that his new boyfriend, Jared, may be part of that secret?

“Overall the storyline was outstandingly captivating, oozes brilliance and is well paced.” theGayUK.com

“This story is so far from your typical werewolf story. In fact, if you are looking for a sweet fluffy read … don’t even think of picking up this book. But if you want something that’s dark and dangerous with bloodshed and horror then this story is a must.” MM Good Book Reviews


“I was sucked into the book from the very first chapter.This book is not what I was expecting. It was better. This book is well written with multiple plot twists and turns. I felt like I was watching a movie not reading a book. I really enjoyed the suspense at every turn. I’m really into horror movies and this book was one of the best movie I’ve ever read.” Bookaholioc and More

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