Exercise – I am / I am not

Here’s a great writing exercise from Wordwise.


This week’s exercise uses pattern as a framework for your writing.

First, write a series of sentences beginning “I am…”. See if you can write at least 10 such sentences. Aim to make your language as inventive and startling as possible. You can put in as much detail as you want, and the sentences can be long or short. The statements can be fictional or strange if you wish: e.g. if you want to say “I am a smuggler of lemons” then go right ahead.

After you’ve written your “I am…” sentences, then write some “I am not…” statements. Again – long or short, fictional / strange or factual / realistic, it doesn’t matter.

Lastly, when you have completed both separate lists, then combine them into a finished piece of writing, alternating “I am…” / “I am not…” statements. You may want to put your statements into a new order…

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