Werewolf Wednesday: The Transformation

TWAD_300x250_terror_discountThe transformation is a major theme in werewolf tales. Obviously, it can be a metaphor for our animal side or the bad within us. How the transformation is handled depends upon the author. For some the change is quick as a blink, and for others the transformation is a grueling process.

In  my werewolf series, The Runes Trilogy, not all werewolves change the same way. As an author, this was my way of conveying that there’s more than one type of werewolf. For me, the transformation can describe the nature of the characters and what they are about to become. Describing the transformation is an opportunity to stretch my creative muscles: how does it feel, sound, look.

While we’re on the topic, I’m sharing two of my favorite scenes of werewolf transformation in movie history. Enjoy.


So, what does the werewolf represent in The Runes Trilogy? You’ll have to read to  see.

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  1. They both are the best but my favorite is The Howling. Because the werewolves are 2 legged and look more like what I see in my head of what a werewolf looks like. The transformation is the best in both movies.

    1. I agree! So many people put American Werewolf ahead of The Howling, but The Howling is my top. And, I always picture werewolves on two legs too. Thanks for commenting.

      1. Have you seen badmoon?

  2. You bet. I love that one too. The whole end chase seen is amazing.

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