Thursday Writing Prompt: The Lunch Disaster

water glass

Your character is having lunch with either a potential love interest or someone else s/he is trying to impress when s/he knocks over a glass of water with the menu.

How does your character handle the situation?





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  1. The rhythm of the clinking glasses rumbling around me summoning George and Rebecca’s marital kiss was the final shot to my gut. I got up in a hurry making my exit on the left side of the bridal party table. Casey grabbed my wrist before I get far. “Sit down Leila before we cause a scene.” I gazed back for a second before slowly lowering myself in the chair next to him. “I know it hurts. It hurts me to. This was supposed to be our wedding.” The sincerity of his words cut through me like a knife. “Things got so screwed up. I don’t even remember what happened anymore” I cried. “Shh” he says cradling me in his arms. “We were young and hasty and you had quite a temper if I remember correctly. He chuckled. “I wasn’t the one with the temper you were!” I snarled sitting up quickly. A couple of the other bride’s maids looked down to try and figure out what was happening. I picked up the menu quickly to try and hide my embarrassment. “I guess you’re still embarrassed of our love” he snarled back. “Don’t you dare accuse me of that again.” I yelled slamming the menu down spilling wine everywhere. The whole room suddenly got quiet as I frantically tried to clean the wine off the table and Casey’s pants. After a moment I gave up and let the embarrassment set in. There was no hiding behind anything anymore. There I sat next to my old ridiculous high school sweetheart at the wedding of my dreams; red faced, crossed armed, and dying of embarrassment. “Now that we have your attention” Casey announced grabbing the microphone from the MC. “I want to take this chance to do something that I should of did 6 years ago. Leila, I am sorry that I caused you embarrassment today and that I ever let you go from my life. We all know that I still love you because what other man would be standing here in front of all our friends and family with a purple crotch expressing his undying love to the person who practically threw wine on me. Long story short, I love you. Will you marry me? “FINALLY” someone yelled in the background. I scanned the room quickly before landing on Casey’s smiling face. “No” I replied; running from the room.

    1. Awesome! And we wonder Leila is off to next. 🙂

      1. Thanks! I was really nervous about it.

      2. It’s great. I’m delighted you shared.

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