Exploring wolf references: “Lone Wolf”

Lone wolf is an American expression that began in the early 1900s. A “lone wolf” is a person who acts alone or enjoys his or her own company—and not being part of the pack.

lone wolf

Photo credit: National Park Service.

The phrase persists in popular culture today. Lone Wolf is the title of a 1988 horror film, and Lone Wolf McQuade is the title of a Chuck Norris action flick from 1983. The phrase is used in the title of numerous books, many quite recent.

NOTE: While not the original meaning, it’s important to note that “lone wolf’ has political meaning as well. A “lone wolf” can be a member of a terrorist group that acts alone, such as a member of the KKK.

This subject was inspired by #WerewolfWednesday, which I hold each week on my Facebook page.

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Humans have a long and sordid history with wolves. As I explore these phrases, I’ll note that much of the danger of wolves is mythology. Wolf fact can be found here.

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