The Wolf at His Door…

book cover
Cover for The Wolf at His Door

My third novel, The Wolf at His Door, is finally out. This marks a genre jump for me as I’ve moved to a M/M romance, werewolf, murder-mystery novel.


The wolf in his town…

In the last two weeks, five innocent people have vanished, leaving investigators without a clue and families in turmoil.

The wolf on his street…

A brutal attack leaves one brother dead and his twin in a coma.

The horror has only begun for Alec Rune as he learns that werewolves have a much darker plan for him, and he must confront…

The Wolf at His Door      

Book One of The Runes Trilogy


Bloggers/book reviewers may contact me for a complimentary copy in exchange for reviews on their blogs, Amazon, Goodreads, and other similar sites.




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