Courtyard of my Dreams


I stood before you

my soul naked.

And you embraced all my faults and sorrows

loving, accepting.

There have been times in my life

when I thought I would love no one

not even myself.

But then I found you standing

in the Courtyard of my Dreams

full of wild flowers in bloom,

your shirt rustling in the wind,

a halo of free flying petals around you

and I want nothing more than to hold you

embrace you,

make love to you,

melt with you until we are gone.

And I’ll take your hand

lead you to the cliffs

that overlook the endless sea

ever tranquil until it reaches the rocks


churning like our bodies

as we meet ecstasy.

And I feel that we could leap from these cliffs

sail to the edge of the world

and play on the shore of the universe

leaving our footprints on the stars.

Forgotten by man and time

but never saddened by their absence

never noticing their retreat.


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