A thought for today: inspiration


bob-dylan-youngInspiration is hard to come by. You have to take it where you find it.
—Bob Dylan

The inspiration for an idea for a story, poem, or novel is sometimes immediate—you have an ‘a-ha’ moment where a thought floods you. What’s harder is finding the inspiration to complete a project.

I look for motivation in everything: laughter, phrases friends say, a blooming tree, a scent. You never know when a seemingly insignificant experience is the catalyst to help you define a character, work out a plot problem, or find the perfect turn of phrase.

Each day, seek small things that inspire you to create—and be open to the muse. You never know what will happen when you simply let a moment take you.

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  1. cymone says:

    my mom gave me an old winter coat with bleach stain on it, it was blood red and had a gnome hood. i was standing by the church on brady st. going up humboldt when a girl pops out’ve her car and tells me she’s a film maker and that i just inspired her for a scene just by wearing a red coat in front of the church, she hugged me, said thank you and left….weird!

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