Linear Friendship

you did not know
that too much wine makes me talkative, yet
you call yourself my friend.

you have never read
a single line of my poetry or fiction, yet
you call yourself my friend.

your thoughts are an empty column. (my thoughts spill
across pages, ones you have not read.)

your conservative views
enrage me, and I leave.

why are we friends?

parallel lines never touch, but travel forever in the same
direction. perpendicular lines touch at a single
point and never cross again.

you think that I hate you.
I am trying to understand our lines.

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  1. I really like the content of this poem, how you put it together and how you presented it.

  2. cymone says:

    i unintentionally became friends with a righ-wing christian….one day she was going on & on about obama and how awful he is and she was saying that god hates gays and i was sooo outraged i said: that’s it……if u ever say anything more about gays or obama that’s it, i am walking out that door and u will never see me again…..she never said anything more….and that was a few yrs. ago.

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