autumn spreads its back

like a calico cat. the trees

and grasses blush

under its cooling kisses. the night

pulls down in lines of blue chasing red,

as campfire light bursts embers

into the crackling air. the welcome

colors pull in around you

with the warmth and comfort

of your grandmother’s patchwork


I wrote this draft as part of National Poetry Writing Month. I hope to collect these works for a mixed media/writing piece I am working on entitled Love Letters to My Brother in Prison. 

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  1. wcmorrow says:

    The pine needles cover the ground,
    Sweat dripping from my highbrow.
    Cool breeze whispers your name,
    Sunshine reminds me of yesterday.

    Sitting on the greasy grass hill,
    Honey bee lands on my show string.
    Missing the comforting sound of your voice,
    Right now is so painful as I cry a single tear.

    1. Lovely. Thank you for sharing.

      1. wcmorrow says:

        Thanks. I misspelled shoe as show too funny.

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