White Dwarf

A meteor shower lights up the sky
behind you, creating a halo, shadowing
your face as you begin to speak.

Watching the sky explode and die,
dusts of stars and comets, traces
of the galaxy they shared.  Endless,
to a point.  The death of a sun as it erupts,
shining brighter and burning away the worlds it fed
then dwindles and fades…

And I should have known
when we drove separate cars
that we would not leave together. Your lips
part only enough to speak
never trembling, never doubting. And the sky

bursts around us
as we stand on this hilltop
where we first made love,
planned our future, and now? Stars
are dying, falling. As I turn

some dying, distant sun fades from the hilltop
like a black hole galaxy.  Shinning its last
few rays, white and weak.

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