Halloween Reading & Viewing

Some classic horror films—unbeknownst to many viewers—were based on novels. Even some slashers make this list. I’ve read and seen many of these. The list includes, however, a few surprises, though, I admit, it starts out with a more obvious movie translation of a book. So curl up with a horrific tale—as a reader, watcher,…

These werewolves are Silver Foxes

Over the years, werewolves have thrilled us in folklore, books, movies, and television. The best portrayals involve a little dangerous sex appeal and charisma. The men listed here transformed into the big bad wolf on screen, and then transformed into silver foxes later. Below are five werewolves and their “Silver Fox” more recent images. 1….

Iconic horror movie scenes

There are as many scenes (and lists it seems) as there are fans of horror. I, however, agree with this list more than others I’ve found that lean more toward brutality. This list captures the often disturbing beauty in horror. CHECK OUT THE LIST! Before you argue too much, see how many you recognize!